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Nicks WIndow Cleaning ServicesI provide services to both domestic and commercial customers. I understand that any home or commercial building looks so much better with spotless windows, soffits and fascias… you have one opportunity to make a first impression and I make sure that you can be proud of your property.

By using a ladderless, pure water fed pole system this enables me to quickly and effectively clean your windows with the utmost privacy, discretion and minimum disturbance to you. It also ensures that your outdoor areas such as lawns and flower beds are not disturbed. I can also clean hard to reach windows up to 60 feet high, and conservatories. Plus, your uPVC window frames and doors will be cleaned at no extra charge.

When I visit your premises, I will bring my own supply of purified water. Lightweight but durable water fed poles extend to allow me to reach all floors of your building to clean the windows without using unstable and unsafe ladders like traditional window cleaners. On the end of each pole is a soft brush through which the purified water is pumped. The soft bristles gently loosen any dirt away from your windows and the purified water lifts it away from the surface of the glass.
After I rinse your windows, removing all the dirt and grime, all that is left is 100% pure water. This evaporates away without leaving any “watermarks” so that you are left with perfectly clear, clean windows.

Available services include:

  • window cleaning
  • soffits and fascia cleaning
  • clearing gutters
  • conservatory windows and roofs
  • commercial building windows
  • Foyer cleaning (windows & hoovering)
  • Carpark clearing (leaves & rubbish)

For the personal touch when cleaning your windows please contact me today!

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